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Businesses customer base and sales can grow by leaps and bounds when they increase social media interaction. A sample monthly social media marketing package from us includes full service social SEO, with the goal of increasing awareness of your brand in the key places online - the places where your customers hang out before deciding whether to choose you, or your competitor!


Deciding where to spend your ad budget can be a difficult choice. This new data from top market researchers shows that social media is effective - but did you know it is also inexpensive?


Social media campaigns are much less costly than direct mail, television ads, online “pay per click” schemes and other traditional forms of advertising. Even if you don’t divert all of your ad budget to online marketing, even a small investment can pay off in ways you never imagined!



We base our monthly social media management packages off a set number of “actions” each month across one or more platforms. An “action” can be posting a new post or interacting with other people on the platform.


For example, the first package below might consist of actions completed on the Facebook and Twitter- including 50 actions on each. Actions could be posting a new status update on Facebook, Liking a related Page, composing a Tweet, Retweeting another user’s Tweet.


Actions have far reaching benefits - we post on Facebook, the fan base can like, comment and share the post. When we create a Tweet or Retweet another user, others can share that content forward as well. These additional benefits are natural and don’t count towards the total number of actions!



Basic Service Packages:


We can handle as little or as much of your social media campaign as fits your needs. This can range from simple Facebook campaign planning and execution to full-service social media management spanning all possible social platforms and even business blog management.


We offer tailored packages and do social media account set-up and customization on request.  


●    Facebook Setup, Vanity URL, 50 Likes and 50 Posts in One Month - £95.00


●    Twitter Setup, 2000 Followers and 50 Tweets per month £95.00


●    YouTube Setup, Post up to 10 Videos, 30 Subscribers in One Month - £150.00



You can choose a one-off package with a one-time fee, or sign up for a monthly package that gives you an ongoing discount. The customized packages are almost as inexpensive as the pre-fab deals, so if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, call us and we will work out a premium service that meets your needs and fits your budget!


Monthly packages can be purchased month to month, or ask about our discount for 3 and 6 month contract plans.


●    150 Actions - £250.00 Per Month - Up to 3 Platforms


Platforms include:


●    Facebook

●    Twitter

●    LinkedIn



The best part? Once social networks are set up and running, they often continue to grow naturally and organically with the same amount of effort. Many of our clients see exponentially greater results month after month, without paying increased fees for service!


Don’t let another month go by without connecting with your target demographic. Call us today and find out what a well managed, budget friendly social media campaign could do for your business! 


We will ensure you get the best deal possible on the best social media services in town.


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